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Apartment Type 2 (Small Studio for 1-2 Person) -

Apartment Type 2 (Small Studio for 1-2 Person)

Our cozy and well-equipped small apartment/studio in Sosua, perfect for accommodating tone or two people. With air conditioning and and access to our beautiful  tropical garden and large swimming pool. The queen-size bed, creating a cozy and restful environment. Enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings and take advantage of the amenities, including high-speed internet, television and housekeeping. Make the most of your stay and create lasting memories in this delightful oasis.

  • 3 Apartments available
  • Living Area: Comfortable sofa or armchair: Sink into the plush seating while relaxing or watching your favorite shows.
  • Television: Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows during your downtime.
  • Air conditioning: Stay cool and comfortable during the warm Sosua days.
  • Sleeping Area: Comfortable bed: Sleep peacefully on a cozy and supportive mattress. Pillows and bedding: High-quality pillows and soft, clean sheets for a good night's rest.
  • Wardrobe: Store your clothes and personal belongings neatly.
  • Kitchenette: Mini refrigerator: Keep your perishables fresh and beverages cold.
  • Gas cooker: Prepare simple meals or heat up leftovers.
  • Microwave: Quickly warm up snacks or leftovers.
  • Coffee maker: Brew a fresh cup of coffee to kick-start your day.
  • Dining Area: Dining table and chairs: Enjoy your meals in comfort and style on your own little terrace.
  • Private bathrooms: Conveniently located within the apartment for your privacy.
  • Showers: Freshen up with a refreshing shower or indulge in a relaxing bath.
  • Sinks and mirrors: Perfect for your grooming needs.
  • Towels and toiletries: Soft towels and basic toiletries provided for your convenience.
  • Enjoy the lush greenery and vibrant colors of the surrounding garden.
  • Large swimming pool: Take a refreshing dip or lounge by the poolside for a leisurely day.
  • Outdoor seating: Relax on chairs or loungers by the pool or garden area and enjoy a cool

    drink at our Pool Bar.

  • High-speed internet: Stay connected and browse the web effortlessly.
  • Television: Enjoy your favorite shows and movies during your downtime.
  • Fully equipped kitchen: Prepare meals and snacks with ease using the provided appliances and cookware.
  • Dining area: Gather around the dining table for shared meals and quality time together.
  • Housekeeping: Regular cleaning services to ensure a tidy and comfortable space.



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